Hi, I'm Hendrik.

I am a freelancer in Tech & Agile.

Especially for startups.

About Me

I love building software for 15+ years now. I spent half of that in corporate consulting, the other half in startups. Now I want to help tech startups as a freelancer.

How I can help you

See below...

Agile Things

Scrum, Lean, Kanban, agile Produktentwicklung, Roadmapping, ...

Startup Ideation

Lean Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Lean Startups, Personas, Getting from 0 to 1

Startup CTO

Doing Software but within the constraints of an early stage company.

Team Excellence

Moderne, selbstorganisierte, inter-disziplinaere Teams, die grossartige Software bauen

Software Architecture

That's my background so occasionally I'm doing software architecture.

CTO Coaching

I have see a few things and I'd love to listen, share and help, especially startups and startup / founder CTOs.

I Am Available as a Freelancer.

Get In Touch

If you want to chat, have a proposal, want to hire me, want to ask or show me something, play Tennis or go out for a ride on our road bikes, please send me a message.

Call me

+49 151 64073314

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My current location

Frankfurt, Germany

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